Top 50

Highest paid not-for-profit health system executives and board members, 2017. Compensation does not include payments for previously reported deferred pay
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Name 2017 earned*
% in 'other'**
1) Bernard Tyson
Chairman and CEO, Kaiser Foundation Health Plan and Hospitals
$16,082,753 8.05%
2) J. Knox Singleton
President, Inova Health Care
$14,176,752A 58.05%
3) Anthony Tersigni
President and CEO, Ascension
$13,627,686 8.65%
4) Dr. Rod Hochman
President and CEO, Providence St. Joseph Health
$10,533,384A 9.42%
5) Lloyd Dean
President and CEO, Dignity Health
$9,569,824A 8.44%
6) Peter Fine
President and CEO, Banner Health
$8,542,030A 66.71%
7) Robert Henkel
Executive vice president, Ascension
$8,125,113 7.25%
8) James Skogsbergh
President and CEO, Advocate Health Care
$7,805,356A 51.42%
9) Dr. Robert Grossman
Dean and CEO, NYU Langone
$7,758,904 1.03%
10) Kenneth Samet
President and CEO, MedStar Health
$7,751,857 27.86%
11) Dr. Delos Cosgrove
President and CEO, Cleveland Clinic
$7,628,936 6.14%
12) Dr. Kenneth Davis
CEO, Mount Sinai Health System
$7,270,414A 80.19%
13) Dr. Steven Corwin
President and CEO, New York-Presbyterian
$7,048,147A 35.41%
14) Dr. David Samadi
Chairman, Lenox Hill Hospital
$6,851,549 0%
15) Philip Incarnati
President and CEO, McLaren Health Care Corp.
$6,664,951 47.35%
16) Gregory Adams
Executive vice president and group president, Kaiser Foundation Health Plan and Hospitals
$6,589,138 5.72%
17) Dr. Joseph Levine
Chief of electrophysiology, St. Francis Hospital
$6,465,741 0.07%
18) J. Lindsey Bradley Jr.
Retired as a regional CEO, Christus Health
$6,141,067 75.08%
19) Kevin Lofton
CEO, Catholic Health Initiatives
$6,139,336A 14.71%
20) Jeffrey Romoff
President and CEO, UPMC
$5,739,001A 6.93%
21) John Fox
President and CEO, Beaumont Health
$5,674,842 1.1%
22) John Starcher Jr.
President and CEO, Mercy Health
$5,580,929 21.65%
23) Dr. Steven Safyer
President and CEO, Montefiore Medical Center
$5,461,099 31.19%
24) Harvey Granger
Senior vice president and general counsel, Baptist Health
$5,338,214 87.85%
25) Dr. Craig Thompson
President and CEO, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
$5,303,958A 0.74%
26) Ernie Sadau
President and CEO, Christus Health
$5,227,552 0.11%
27) Dean Harrison
President and CEO, Northwestern Memorial HealthCare
$5,216,245 18.88%
28) Howard Kern
President, CEO, ex-officio director, Sentara Healthcare
$5,200,090 5.31%
29) Richard Kennan
Senior vice president-finance and chief financial officer, Valley Hospital
$5,091,673A 89.5%
30) Anthony Speranzo
Chief financial officer, Ascension Health Alliance
$5,083,444 10.7%
31) Mike Butler
President-operations, St. Joseph Health System
$5,074,135A 0.64%
32) Dr. Ron Walls
Executive vice president, chief operating officer at Brigham And Women's Health Care, Partners HealthCare System
$5,060,848 71.43%
33) Sarah Krevans
President and CEO, Sutter Health
$4,969,502A 3.55%
34) Joseph Blake Jr.
Secretary, GHS Partners In Health
$4,885,906 97.15%
35) Ray Thompson
Director (through November 2016) , Christus Health
$4,839,981 73.68%
36) Barry Arbuckle .
President and CEO, MemorialCare Health System
$4,836,501 3.42%
37) Dr. Patricia Maryland
Chief operating officer, Ascension Health
$4,780,159 11.14%
38) Dr. David Torchiana
CEO, Partners HealthCare System
$4,723,847 40.72%
39) Robert Garrett
Co-CEO and trustee, Hackensack Meridian Health
$4,695,432 19.62%
40) Mike Butler
President, Providence St. Joseph Health
$4,624,609 0.97%
41) Dr. Richard Shlofmitz
Chairman of cardiology, St. Francis Hospital
$4,566,882 0.17%
42) Marvin O'Quinn
Senior executive vice president and chief operating officer, Dignity Health
$4,490,023A 8.45%
43) David Blom
President and CEO, OhioHealth
$4,442,076 0.74%
44) Fred Manchur
CEO, Kettering Medical Center
$4,439,909A 67.43%
45) John Lloyd
Co-CEO and trustee, Hackensack Meridian Health
$4,393,241 13.31%
46) Thomas Priselac
President and CEO, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
$4,326,820 5.24%
47) Robert Chrencik
President and CEO, University Of Maryland Medical System
$4,265,077 43.85%
48) Michael Fassler
Former president and CEO, CenterLight Healthcare
$4,250,000 37.65%
49) Michael Dowling
President and CEO, North Shore University Hospital
$4,096,767 0.57%
50) Dr. Sathish Subbaiah
Chief of neurosurgical spine surgery, St. Charles Hospital
$4,078,435A 0.01%


* 2017 earned compensation was calculated from salary information in Schedule J of Form 990s, summing total and related total compensation and subtracting from it any compensation reported as deferred on prior Form 990s. Compensation marked with an A indicates entries where previously deferred pay was listed, and the compensation adjusted.
** Percentage in “other” is the percentage of unadjusted total and related total compensation that can be found in Form 990, column B(iii): “Other reportable compensation.” This column can include - but is not limited to - previously reported deferred pay. The percentage reported is provided for context, especially for instances where previously reported deferred pay was not broken out as instructed in the Form 990, and so the 2017 earned compensation was not adjusted.